The Karin Lang range

Post-Covid : what have we become ?

July 2020

Unfortunately, we did not have the opportunity to meet during this last period.

It is with great pleasure that we look forward to meeting you again in the coming days.

September 2019

MAP  will be at Gourmet Selection fair with its partners

Come to discover traditional products, resulting from family know-how that is passed on from generation to generation and made with quality ingredients.

We will be happy to welcome you to our booth L'Atelier des Gourmands, booth E061.

June 2019

MAP and its CSR approach

- Solidarity with our ecosystem

- Our planet preservation

Our commitments : 

- Consumer welfare guarantee

- Our employees personal growth confidence

Our actions and realizations:

  • MAP works its product’s recipes :

    • Suppression of the controversial additives and preservatives in our confectionery products.

    • Recipes improvement with short list of ingredients, healthier ingredients and reduction of salt level.

  • MAP sets up a multicultural work environment to share the experiences and for the personal enrichment of all.  

  • MAP is an adherent of an inter-companies nursery.

  • MAP develops 100% recyclable packaging :

    • A very new and unique packaging made with 92% of cardboard for our range of alternative and fair trade sugars

    • A 100% recycled plastic and 100% recyclable bottle for our agave syrups

  • MAP optimizes logistics flows: our logistic team make sure to optimize the loading and the travel of trucks in the aim to limit our impact on the environment.

  • MAP subscribed to a green electricity supplier.

And more over projects are in progress…!

Image retenue SI.png

April 2019

MAP and its    partners at the MADE

Supported by our industrial partners and the entire team, this event was an opportunity to present our latest innovations.  


If you have not had the opportunity to meet us during the fair, don’t hesitate to contact us to arrange a meeting. We will present you our latest innovations including our new range of sweetening products as well as our new range of healthy organic snacks, and aperitif products adapted to the new consumer trends…

Discover MAP at M.A.D.E

Come meet us and discover our products on next March at the M.A.D.E exhibition, on our booth E22.


Our partner Pedon will be present on the booth C27.


February 2019

Meet MAP at SIAL

October 2018

The SIAL will take place from 21th to 25th October 2018. Many manufacturers in partnership with MAP will present their products and innovations.


Our Partner Pedon award winning the Big Innovation Price, with its innovation More Than Rice: pulse flour under rice form.


If you want to develop your activity in France, this fair is also a good opportunity for you to come meet us, do not hesitate to contact us to take an appointment!

Nos produits sial SI EN.jpg

July 2018

MAP society has celebrated its 30 years

It has already been 30 years since MAP started assisting manufacturers to expand their activity easily throughout France.


We came together in a joyous and relaxed atmosphere to celebrate this 30th birthday. Actual and former employees met and talked about MAP path and its evolution since 1987. Everyone has shared their reflections and experiences lived in MAP. Good memories…


Today, with more than 120 products sold on the market, MAP follows to answer consumers and market demands proposing always more

innovative products. To follow MAP adventure

with us, don’t hesitate to contact us!

June 2018

The Free From Food exhibition, trends indicator

MAP continues its world tour and has been to the Free From Food fair in Stockholm. The respect of consumer welfare is part of values of our company and the health is now in the center of consumers concerns, that’s why MAP wished to meet the 300 exhibitors of this fair.


This exhibition answers the food industry actualities by putting forward functional products or « free from » products. Three big trends have emerged:

  • a first trend around health with free from gluten products, free from lactose or free from sugar products

  • another trend is about the premium quality with the presentation of organic products and exotic products,

  • and the last one is the convenience products with shorter cooking time and easy to take away.


MAP is looking for develop its products offer in this direction.

May 2018

Food trends in USA

Recently MAP has been to USA and more precisely in Los Angeles to attend the Natural Products Expo West, the world’s largest natural, organic and healthy products event. This 38th edition welcomed more than 80 000 attendees came to meet 3100 exhibitors. Here is a small list of food trends that MAP had detected:

  • Spices from Middle East are popular this year. This trend is confirmed by the over-representation of products made with turmeric.

  • At United States, food supplements have a great success. Vitamins, proteins, probiotics or beauty supplement for skin beauty, proposals are numerous and can be used as a personalized nutrition.

  • These recent years have been characterized by the increase of veggie and vegan trends and it is still the case in 2018.

  • Superfoods as chia seeds, goji berries or açai berries are always very popular and used in several products.

  • Thanks to the authorization of hemp production since January 1st 2018 in California, the number of products using this ingredient has soared.

  • Matcha, a green powder from tea that comes from Japan is still famous and the offer remains strong.

  • Chickpeas are becoming a star ingredient and are used in a lot of food references, in salted and sweet products, as well as in beverages.

MAP flew to Japan

Last March, MAP has been to Japan to participate in the 43th edition of FOODEX JAPAN 2018. This exhibition is the Asia’s largest fair dedicated on food and drink across Japan and the Pacific region. Among the 3200 exhibitors, MAP met his canadian partner since 15 years, maple syrup producer, Erablières des Alleghanys.

As maple products specialists, Erablière des Alleghanys have carved out a strategic place in the export market and exports products that are 100% pure in high quality, made in Rivière du Loup in Quebec. Erablière des Alleghanys exports 99% of its production into 30 countries including Japan, a big consumer of maple syrup, and France. This authentic product is riding the wave of vegetal trends and sugar substitutes. Maple syrup and its derivatives as maple sugar and “maple butter” are increasingly used in food and drink for their taste and their benefits. Therefore, you can find all this products in our catalogue!

April 2018

MAP and PEDON on Delhaize fair in Belgium

March 2018

MAP team was standing with its partner PEDON, producer of cereals and pulses conventional and organic. It was an excellent opportunity to present and promote the new range of « More Than » products to the Belgian retailer with bulgur, pastas, couscous and innovative purees :

  • Soya, millet and red rice bulgur

  • Lupin and lentils bulgur

  • Lentils and Chickpeas couscous

  • Pastas and Purees of Lentils, Green Peas and Chickpeas


This new range has been elaborated with pulses, cereals and seeds in the aim to answer consumers demands :

  • Rich in vegetal proteins

  • Gluten Free

  • Rich in fiber

  • Vegan

  • Convenient products (micro-wavable or pre-cooked)

December 2017

The Karin Lang range

Karin Lang has been working for 20 years on alternative sweeteners.
After a first contact with agave syrup in 1996, the team now works in Bremen in Germany and is looking for natural and tasty alternatives to classic white sugar.

The range includes:

- Classic and flavored agave syrups

- Agave spreads

- Rice, coco, grape and agave sugar

Interested in these products ? Contact us !

The Landgarten range

The range includes an assortment of salty and sweet healthy snacks, for an indulgent   break at anytime of the day:
- Seeds coated with chocolate
- Fruits coated with chocolate
- Seed and fruit mixes
- Grilled nuts with original tastes
- Soy snacks

Interested in these products ? Contact us !

September 2017

The new organic biscuits

June 2017

Discover our new and delicious range of organic biscuits:

The range includes:

- Chocolat sticks 

- Square biscuits with seeds
- Round biscuits with hazelnut and seeds
- Crunchy toasts with chocolate, cranberries and quinoa

- Chocolat cookie bars 

Interested in these products ? Contact us !