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L'énergie durable

Our Commitments

Our Corporate Social Responsibility policy is based on everyone's involvement: From our partners to our employees. Our commitments are based on areas for improvement in order to preserve each individual and their environment. 



Ensuring Consumer Well-Being 

  • Ensuring the safety of packaging 

  • Improve the nutritional profile of products 

  • Encourage short ingredient lists

  • Guarantee quality standards 


Ensuring the development of our employees

  • Ensure a safe, serene and healthy working environment

  • Give everyone the freedom to express themselves 

MAP 2022 team photo


Being in solidarity with our ecosystem

  • Promote transparency on the origin and manufacture of products 

  • Work on a basis of respect with our partners to ensure a lasting partnership


Preserving the planet for our future generations

  • Promote the use of sustainable ingredients

  • Optimize flows by promoting short circuits 

  • Reduce packaging and waste and offer recyclable alternatives 

  • Involve our employees in humanitarian action days

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